Monday, February 17, 2014

New Higher speed Internet is slower than before!

I recently switched from Time Warner Business class 15Mx2M service to TWC residential 50Mx3M service.

After I made the switch, my daughter was complaining that xbox live kept disconnecting.  I also noticed that streaming movies was slower and playing basic games on the iPad also saw a lot of disconnects.  At first I was thinking it was due to the residential vs business differences.  But as I dug deeper into it I realized it wasn't the Internet connection at all, it was my equipment.

So, what did I have in my house from a "network" standpoint.

  1. Motorola Cable modem (This is required if you have a cable provider, it's like a DSL modem)
  2. A Cisco Valet Plus wireless router (the plus is the 1Gbps version, instead of 100Mbps)
  3. A 4-port switch downstairs
  4. A 4-port switch in the upstairs living room
  5. A 24-port switch in my office (only 5 used)
  6. A Cisco 891 router (work VPN)
Hum, that's a lot of crap, and I haven't even gotten to the clients:
  1. My Wife's iPhone 4s (WiFi)
  2. My iPhone 5 (WiFi)
  3. My daughters iPhone 5 (WiFi)
  4. My iPad 4 (WiFi)
  5. My daughters iPad 2 (WiFi)
  6. My wifes iPad 1 (WiFi)
  7. A Roku 3 (WiFi)
  8. A Roku XD (WiFi)
  9. Smart thermostat (WiFi)
  10. Wife's Windows laptop (WiFi)
  11. Daughters Macbook Air (WiFi)
  12. My Macbook Pro (WiFi)
  13. A Tivo Premier XL downstairs (Wired)
  14. A Tivo Premier XL in my daughters room (Wired)
  15. A Tivo Roamio Pro upstairs (Wired)
  16. A Sony Playstation 3 (Wired)
  17. An xbox 360 (Wired)
  18. A Sony Smart TV (Wired)
  19. A Samsung Smart Blueray (Wired)
  20. A Samsung Smart TV (Wired)
There's only 3 people that live in this house, really!

Ok, so we have 12 WiFi only devices and 8 wired devices.

Every time I did a speed test, I would get 50+Mbps at the start, and it would drop rapidly to 25-30Mbps.  This was happening on both wired and wireless.  But if I connected my MAC directly to the cable modem, I would get a sustained 50+Mbps, weird, this is a 1Gbps router, isn't it??

Well, it has 1Gbps ethernet connections, but no, it's not a 1Gbps router.  Also, it only supported 802.11G (54Mpbs wireless).  I needed to get something faster.

I purchased the Netgear R6300 router.  It's AC1750 compliant and backward compatible with A/B/G/N standards.

I setup two SSID's one that's called Ryan-Family (compatible and identical to the old router, so I don't have to change anything to get up and running), and a second one called Ryan-Family-5G.  This is the new 5GHZ band that's supported on the new router.  I then go through all of my WiFi devices and one by one switch them over to the Ryan-Family-5G SSID.

What's the result?
I get consistent 50+Mbps speed tests from all sites.  I still have a few devices that don't support the 5G 802.11N standard, but their happy on the 2.4G radio.  No xbox drops, no ipad drops, and streaming is beautiful!

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